Geriatric Care / Dementia Care at Home


Geriatric Care / Dementia Care at Home

BHN Healthcare offers Geriatric – Dementia, Alzheimer & Parkinson’s care services at home through our  Specialized Caregivers and Nurses.    Our devoted platoon is available 24/7 to ensure your loved ones get quality care at your Home. The senior population encompasses a range of individualities with varying requirements and preferences. They face an array of challenges including enterprises like mobility, exercise, care, Love, affection & nutrition as well as more serious issues like mental imbalance and habitual ails.   When it comes to minding the seniors in their homes involving their families is frequently the approach. still, there may be cases where fresh backing is demanded.   Our services encompass areas similar to care for aged individuals particularly care for Age Old related issues.  Remedy options for seniors passing depression or anxiety  Aid with, daily chores, eating, drinking, hygiene maintaining, and grooming Support along with food & medicines is a main KRA of  BHN Staff. Assessment of cognitive impairment memory testing, problem-working chops training, and strategies to manage stressed individuals.


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