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But the hands need to be clean and germ free! The medical profession, and it’s associated allies and services, can extoll at length on the importance of clean surroundings and practicing good hygiene at all levels – personal, professional and communal. We can talk at length on what to do, how it needs to be done and why. But, in this post, we will take a different approach. We shall quote directly, from published reports, the hazards and the fall-out from sanitation and hygiene not being followed by individuals and the public at large – and the consequences thereof. How does poor

There are countless senior citizens who don’t want to go into an assisted living accommodation or a home – the latter still having a stigma about it. Neither do they want to be a burden on their family members or have to adjust to a totally different way of life. The hurly-burly and bustle of living in a house that probably has young people and children can get too much for them. Hence, their desire to age in the environment they are familiar with… But, how can their family and friends ensure that doing so is a safe and healthy

During your lifetime, you will most likely have a surgical procedure. Recovering from hip replacements, cataract surgery, fractures, cancer operations, biopsies, heart surgery and back operations are the most common. There are a few important things you can do to make a smooth and speedy recovery, post-surgery – and one of the most important things is to focus on nutrition. Post-surgery, it is critical that you eat a healthy diet that promotes healing – keeping in mind the nutritional and healing properties of the foods you eat. Certain foods could help with post-op fatigue while also aiding in the body’s